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Hair loss can affect more than just your hair line, it can affect your confidence and general wellbeing as well.  That’s why Transcend is proud to offer the best available FDA-approved medications clinically proven to help grow hair and prevent and reverse hair loss.

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Hair loss can be hereditary and can also be caused by hormonal imbalance, medications, illness, Alopecia, age, stress, hair care products, and more.

Male pattern baldness occurs when longer, darker hairs that once grew on the scalp are replaced by thinner, shorter, less pigmented hairs. This is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone derived from testosterone.

It is possible to stop or even reverse this hair loss if treated early on. However, at a certain point, the hair follicle also loses attachment to the small muscles in the skin and hair loss becomes permanent. 

Our top physicians regularly prescribe finasteride (generic Propecia®) to treat male pattern hair loss. This medication helps patients maintain the hair they have or possibly even regrow hair they have lost.

Another treatment option is minoxidil (generic Rogaine®), an over-the-counter topical treatment, to slow or even stop hair loss at the crown of the head.

Your physician or wellness specialist may recommend the use of finasteride combined with minoxidil topical solution 5%.

It generally takes three to four months of daily use to start seeing visible changes. Minoxidil and finasteride treatments can take up to a year to yield maximum results. To sustain benefits, you have to continue using hair loss medication. If you stop, your hair loss may return.

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Has unwanted hair loss heightened your emotions and weakened your confidence? If hair loss is affecting you, we can help with FDA-approved treatments. Our knowledgeable and friendly physicians and medical professionals are here to evaluate your specific situation and guide you down the best path towards hair restoration.
Unwanted hair loss is common among people of all ages. Transcend’s hair restoration specialists can guide you through the sometimes, multi-tiered process, and get you on your way to a more beautiful, fuller, and healthier head of hair. Fill out the Patient Intake Form and change your life today!

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the effectiveness of hair loss treatments varies from person to person. However, many people do see results from hair loss treatment. In some cases, hair loss can be completely reversed, while in other cases, it can be slowed.

It is important to note that hair loss treatment should be started as soon as possible, as the sooner you start treatment, the more likely you are to see results.

Yes. Hair loss treatments are effective for the majority of people who use them, but it’s important to find the treatment that works best for you.

There are a variety of hair loss treatments available, and the best treatment for you will depend on the cause of your hair loss. If you’re not sure what’s causing your hair loss, we highly suggest you fill out our comprehensive Patient Intake Form and an elite wellness specialist will contact you within 24-48 hours to help you determine the cause and recommend a treatment.

Yes. The long-term commitment in hair loss treatment is to keep the hair you have and to prevent further hair loss. This means that you will need to continue taking the medication prescribed by your doctor and/or using the recommended topical treatments. If you stop using the medication or treatment, your hair loss may resume.

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