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Tommy Stiles, Transcend Company, HRT, Sponsored Athlete

Tommy Stiles

Bodybuilder - Trainer - Nutrition Coach

Tommy is an NPC bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach residing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I started lifting at 12 in my parent’s basement with a set of weights that was 115 lbs in total. That love has grown every single year since.

Tommy describes his journey in the words below. 

“I moved to Scottsdale Arizona in 2019 after spending my life in Michigan. I came here to pursue bodybuilding full-time as well as build a business devoted to coaching and training others. A strong part of my passion is helping others tap into their potential and achieve the goals they have for themselves. Anything can be accomplished if you’re willing to work for it”.

Get to know more about Tommy in the coming weeks and follow his continuing journey to become the best possible version of himself!

Check back for updates on all things Tommy Stiles, and look for more content in the following weeks and months!

Transcend Company, HRT, logo

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Transcend is expanding healthcare access for age management, sexual wellness, hormone therapy, weight-loss & non-surgical hair-loss treatments. Whether looking to treat a condition or simply looking to optimize your health, our knowledgeable staff will listen intently ensuring you receive the best care on the cutting edge of medical science.

The Transcend approach is transparent and simplified for our patient’s convenience, there are no monthly charges and we have plenty of affordable options, ensuring all have access to non-traditional advanced medicine.

Transform your body and mind with advanced lifestyle solutions from Transcend.

Transcend is a licensed non-diagnostic preventative health care provider. Our doctors and medical staff directly prescribe all required tests and review and confirm all test results. We may also perform physical exams, consult with primary physicians, and validate and verify submitted medical information. Patients who are found to have issues and symptoms of a legitimate medical and/or health condition are referred to a medical specialist in the specific required field for diagnosis and treatment in a specialized and monitored program. Transcend reserves the right to recommend and use internal and/or external medical specialists for any patient. All patient information will be protected under governing HIPPA rules and regulations. Transcend is not an internet pharmacy and does not dispense, ship, or distribute medications from our facility or website. Any and all medication prescribed by our doctors and/or associated medical will be dispensed from a US FDA-approved pharmacy. All patients are required to fulfill and follow all of the medical instructions and procedures prescribed by doctors and contact us immediately if they have any problems. Patients who are found to have submitted fraudulent information will be terminated from any health program offered by Transcend. Any medication prescribed is only for the use of the patient and is not to be transferred, distributed, modified, or used by any other person(s).

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