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3x Ms. Fitness Olympia

I am a single mom to two incredible little boys ages 13 and 16, owner of Pro Physiques, the largest personal training gym in the state of Arizona, a personal trainer, fitness routine choreographer and contest prep coach to athletes who compete across the country at NPC & IFBB sanctioned events. In addition to my job responsibilities, I am a Lululemon Ambassador and a FitFluential ambassador, making me part of a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing knowledge through our platforms to educate, inspire and motivate others. I am also a sponsored athlete of Surge Supplements, Legend Fitness, TMarie Suits and Liquid Sun Rayz.

Whitney Jones

3x Ms. Fitness Olympia

We’re incredibly proud to welcome 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia Whitney Jones to the Transcend Family of athletes! Whitney is a portrait of excellence like no other. 

Discover Whitney’s story through her own words and you’ll understand why we are so honored to call Whitney a member of the Transcend Family!

Taken from her bio at fitwhitjones.com, Whitney tells her incredible story of commitment, elevation, and perseverance.

Growing up, I played every sport I could possibly enter. Having two older brothers, I had no choice but to develop a love for sports and competition.  This continued through high school and onto college at Arizona State University where I graduated with honors, summa cum laude, with a degree in Business Communications.

After graduating from ASU, I worked for many years at an advertising agency managing the overall advertising and public relation efforts of multi-million dollar accounts. It was a fast-paced, intense environment which I thrived on, however my healthy lifestyle began to suffer due to the stress and long hours. I was also losing sight of my goal to have children and be a momma one day. This helped me remember my perspective as I realized there was more to life than working nonstop hours sitting behind a desk. It was time to get back to being myself and living the healthy lifestyle that had kept me so balanced all those years. 

I was back to being very active and healthy, training for marathons and competing in sprint triathlons, until my second pregnancy when some unexpected events took place. Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m full of energy and always on the go, so when I was put on complete bed rest for the last 3+ months, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thankfully I didn’t, but this gave me A LOT of time to think. You never realize how much you take your active lifestyle for granted until you’re in a situation like this. I began wondering if stepping out of the corporate world and following my passion for fitness would be more fulfilling. After all, I had spent many years being a personal trainer in my spare time, never charging a single person but rather doing it for the sheer fact that I enjoyed helping people get healthy.

I became certified as an NASM personal trainer as well as being certified in pre- and post-natal training. I then went on to manage the personal training sales department of a local health club but had dreams of something bigger. In 2009, plans to open up what was originally called Az Pro Physiques came to fruition and in 2010 the doors officially opened.

Since then, we have experienced extreme growth to the point that we have expanded our location twice and have rebranded our company to our current name, The Pro Physiques. We were attracting the attention of people from all over the world who were impressed with our knowledge and approach to nutrition and training. They wanted our help, but they didn’t live in Arizona. We extended our service beyond just training clients at our gym in Gilbert, developed an entire team dedicated strictly to online training, and are now transforming lives worldwide. We also have a large competition prep team called The Pros with NPC & IFBB athletes from all over the United States, as well as international athletes whom we train in person as well as online.

For myself personally, I began competing in my first competition in the summer of 2010 as an amateur at a local Arizona show. From there I moved up in the ranks to compete at a National level and in less than one year I received my Pro card establishing me as an IFBB Fitness Pro. I’m fortunate enough to get to travel the world representing the United States and get to compete in countries like Brazil, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, China, Canada and of course the United States.

I just wrapped up the 2021 season finishing with defending my Ms. Fitness Olympia title in Florida this past December. I am so happy to announce that I am now the 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia I have competed in a total of 35 Pro shows, never placing outside the top 10 in the world. During my Pro career, I have been invited to compete in 16 Arnold Classic International events and have qualified for the Fitness Olympia for the past 9 years in a row. I am now gearing up for 2022 and I can’t wait for what’s in store this year. Thank you for supporting my journey! -Whitney Jones


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We’re incredibly proud to welcome 3x Ms. Fitness Olympia Whitney Jones to the Transcend Family of athletes! Whitney is a portrait of excellence like no other.

Discover Whitney’s story through her own words and you’ll understand why we are so honored to call Whitney a member of the Transcend Family!

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