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Jason Poston

Jason Poston

4X Olympia Competitor - IFBB Pro

Jason Poston, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and living in Prosper, Texas, is a fitness, wellness, and medical entrepreneur known for his achievements in bodybuilding, fitness modeling, and his presence on Netflix. As a former professional physique competitor, he made his mark in the competitive bodybuilding scene, participating in prestigious events like the Mr. Olympia contest four times placing as high as 3rd place multiple times.

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Poston's dedication to fitness extends to his work as a fitness model, where he showcased his well-developed physique in various publications but also doing this as a type 1 diabetic. To this date Poston is the first and only male to make the Olympia stage with type 1 diabetes; he made a goal to show other type 1’s they can conquer and live elite lives with their disease.

Throughout his career, Poston not only demonstrated physical prowess but also served as an inspiration in the fitness community with millions of followers on social media. In 2021, Poston became a pioneer of peptides with a passion to spread his knowledge of how peptides and functional medicine can improve quality of life.

Jason Poston and his wife Sheena have four children. For the most up-to-date and specific details about Jason Poston, consider checking his official social media profiles or recent interviews.

"Transcend has been a transformative force in my life. I’m a dad, fitness professional and entrepreneur who also happens to be a type 1 diabetic...
Through their innovative use of peptides and bloodwork, specifically tailored to address my unique challenges with diabetes, Transcend has revolutionized the approach to fitness for this dedicated professional. The company's commitment to precision and safety in peptide formulations has allowed me to optimize muscle growth and recovery without compromising my health. Transcend has a pivotal role in enhancing my quality of life."
Jason Poston

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This improves my muscle mass and stomach fat loss, improves my insulin sensitivity while raising growth hormone levels which is rare for a growth hormone increasing agent. I can stop at any time and not have adverse side effects such as lower GH levels or rapid aging. I also love the blood flow aspect downstairs.


Probably the best peptide overall for a guy or gal over 30. I get cellular energy improvement, DNA repair, response to stress and metabolic function, anti-aging benefits, or can possibly fight neurodegenerative disease which runs in my family, also it improve my cardiovascular, metabolic health while preserving my muscle as I age.


I take this to improve protein synthesis, which improves muscle growth, recover light speed from workouts, rapid strength increase, fat loss, connective tissue repair from injuries and I just feel like I can do much more and longer in the gym on this peptide.

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